Permits Simplified

Renovations and installations require paperwork and permits. As certified contractors, we know what documents need to be filled and what permits need to be obtained.

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All types!


EPDM roofing is extremely durable, and it is widely used in homes and buildings. It is not prone to moss or algae growing on it. As our team installs it correctly, and with the proper maintenance, you can expect EPDM to last 30-50 years. 


TPO is one of the fastest growing roofing systems in the United States. Better dimensional stability and UV-resistance, which causes a reduction in home energy, are some of its benefits. As it is installed correctly by ABG & Brother Contractor, and with proper maintenance, it should last up to 30 years.  


There are different types of shingle roofing, and the time each lasts varies. ABG & Brother Contractor can help you decide which type your house needs and according to your preference. Our team is highly experienced in Shingle roofing repair and replacement. 


Stone roofing is extremely durable. While soft slate may last 50-125 years, hard slate will last about 75 to 200 years! If you need to repair or restore your Stone roofing, we can determine whether the existing slate is hard or soft. It is your decision if you want  a soft or hard replacement, but keep in mind our team is highly trained to work with any type of roofing, including these.  


While Wood shingle roofing requires annual upkeep, it can last up to 30 years, while also being properly installed by our team. The most popular Wood shingle is Cedar, because it is rot and insect resistant. Whichever type of wood shingle you choose, remember that no two wooden roofs are ever the same. While this type of roofing is good looking, it has other benefits such as being environmental friendly, sturdy, and energy-efficient.


Window and siding


Vinyl is one of the most popular sidings, because it is low maintenance, attractive, durable, and affordable. As you share with us your house vision and needs, our team can help you decide which type of vinyl siding is best for you.

Cedar Shake

This is the type of siding system that protects your home from the elements, but also provides a natural look. Cedar Shake siding supplies insulation and is energy efficient.


Studies predict that cement siding lasts 100 years, as long as it is properly installed. ABG & Brother Contractor’s team is formed by highly trained professionals who will commit to this purpose.     


Door and window work


We also specialize in the finish materials of a building/house, such as moldings around openings, for example the door and window trims, and at the floor or ceiling of rooms. 


We will help you identify the type of window system that best delivers functionality and durability. Our installation team is highly trained and skilled to ensure your windows are properly integrated.


Our team can efficiently install or replace doors. The material and style of of your doors can vary, whether it is wood, glass, hollow, or metal, we work with any of these in a professional manner. 


If your gutter is leaking or saggy, we can fix it or replace it with a better gutter to prevent leak and increase the appeal for aesthetic purposes. Our team can assist you with rain gutters, just give us a call or send us an email!


Shutters are so important that they increase the visual appeal of your home by a big margin. Our team can help you install any type, such as vinyl or wooden shutters, you name it! We are committed to the quality installment and functionality of your shutters. 


ABG & Brother Contractor is an expert in installing wood and composite decks and porches. A new deck can add utility and value to your house, so a high performance and visually appealing deck requires high performance contractors like our team. 


Apartment complex siding

Whether your house or building requires extra work and repair, such as painting, gutter cleaning, maintenance, door or window repair,…etc, our team will be happy to work with you. We can come up with a fair quote that benefits both parties.